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Civil War Sword Hanger
This Civil War Sword Hanger is crafted of leather and has a brass belt loop.

One size fits most
SKU: 16-A35

Civil War Sword Belt With Strap
This Civil War Sword Belt is constructed of choice black leather with high quality solid brass fittings and comes complete with shoulder strap. Please note that the belt buckle is not included.

One size fits most.
SKU: 16-A31

Civil War Officer's Sword Knot
This Civil War Officers Sword Knot has gold, half-inch wide ribbon that is 18" long to the basket-worked tassel and has a matching gold slide.

Length: 18"
SKU: 14-261

Civil War Confederate Officer's Belt Buckle
This Confederate Civil War Officer's Brass Buckle is use with item 16-A31.

Dimensions: 3.25" x 1.75"
SKU: 16-03
Civil War Belt Buck For Sword Belt
This classic US Civil War Belt Buckle

SKU: 16-10
Civil War Brass C.S.A. Rectangular Belt Buckle
his Confederate Belt Buckle is a CSA rectangular buckle made of solid brass.

SKU: 16-05
Civil War Sword Hanger Leather & Brass
Civil War Sword Belt
Civil War Swords Knot
Civil War Belt Buck For Sword Belt 16-A31
Civil War 7Th Cavalry Antiqued Bugle
This bugle may well be similar to the one that signaled troops during the Battle of Little Big Horn. The 7th Cav has a long and distinguished history in defense of our nation's objectives. From the Indian wars to the Ia Drang valley to the war on terror, the 7th Cav continues to deserve our thanks and our undying respect. This bugle has an antiqued finish for a realistic and historic feel.

Length: 12"
Weight: 1 lb
SKU: 16-525
Civil War Copper And Brass Finished Cavalry Bugle
This is a functional bugle just like the ones that signaled troops in the field during the Civil War and the battles of the frontier against warring Indian tribes. Made of brass.

Length: 12"
Weight: 1 lb
SKU: 16-527
Replica Civil War Currency Note Set
This Civil War currency is sold as a set of 18 different notes (12 CSA and 6 US). The notes are authentic reproductions of CSA and US currency of the time.

Set of 18 notes
SKU: 30-099

Replica Civil War Currency Note Set